Clinical Governance

Clinically led and professional

We are committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients and other stakeholders. All our services are clinically led and adhere to our robust internal policies and procedures. Our case managers and experts maintain registration with their professional membership organisations. We use internal audits, peer review, continuing professional development and training, and objective measures to ensure our clinical governance is maintained. Our Managing Director, Niccola Irwin, is serving a second term on the Board of Directors of the Case Management Society of the UK (CMSUK) and is also working with the Institute of Registered Case Managers (IRCM) on their standards committee. Keystone Case Management is proud to be an official ‘Supporter’ of the IRCM. By championing the establishment of standards to which case management providers can adhere, we are keen to help safeguard any person using such services.

Our case managers are professional members of relevant sector organisations, such as CMSUK, British Association of Brain Injury and Complex Case Management, Vocational Rehabilitation Association, and IRCM. They work to the Code of Ethics and Conduct published jointly by CMSUK, BABICM and VRA, and the Standards of Practice of these case management organisations. Our case managers apply the same level of scrutiny to the third-party services we engage on behalf of our clients, undertaking the necessary due diligence checks before they commence, and monitoring inputs to ensure they adhere to the standards required.

Our experts are members of relevant sector organisations, such as the Academy of Experts, abide by the Civil Procedure Rules, the Academy of Experts’ Code of Practice for Experts and their relevant professional organisation standards for experts. Many have successfully completed the Cardiff University Bond Solon Civil Expert Witness Certificate. Our experts apply these standards and principles to objectively form their opinions in relation to past and present service provision within their area of expertise.

We welcome feedback about any aspect of our services, whether compliments or complaints. We operate a robust and timely complaints process.