Case Management

Our case managers are carefully selected to work alongside clients and their families. Your case manager will liaise with all relevant parties including any NHS and local authority services involved to ensure a tailor-made goal-based plan is established.


Your case manager will carry out an assessment which covers all aspects of your life to identify where you are experiencing difficulty. We assess the following areas:

How We Work

You may wish to arrange an obligation-free introductory meeting in the first instance, to make sure you feel happy and comfortable working with your assigned case manager.

Once agreed, your case manager will carry out an assessment, usually in your home environment, which covers all aspects of your life to identify where you are experiencing difficulty. Areas covered are shown in the diagram above. Importantly, they will ask you what you would like help with and discuss your goals and expectations. The report will be submitted within agreed timescales.

Following assessment, your case manager will prepare a report outlining your needs and goals, with a detailed plan of how these can be addressed together with the estimated costs involved. Once you and the fund holder have agreed to the plan, your case manager will ensure it is implemented effectively. They will maintain regular contact with you, visiting you and liaising with the services supporting you.

Your case manager will monitor all areas of the plan and your progress, updating you and the fund holder on a monthly basis. Goals are reviewed and progress is tracked using objective (outcome) measures. Case management may continue for the long term, especially where life-long needs are identified.

Information for Referrers

We welcome referrals for case management from a variety of sources, including self-referral by clients, their families or a litigation friend.

It is common for referrals to come from a client’s solicitor or jointly with an insurance company. Referrals may also come from a Court-appointed Deputy.

Our case manager will be carefully selected for you, based on their areas of expertise, geographical location and your individual client’s needs. They participate in regular peer review and supervision, adhere to our internal clinical governance requirements and maintain their obligations to their professional and regulatory organisations.

Case Manager roles available

If you are a registered health or social care professional with a minimum of six years’ experience working in a specialist rehabilitation setting and have a deep understanding of supporting clients and their families to return to living in the community following injury or illness, we’d love to hear from you.