Expert Witness Services

Our experts produce independent and objective reports which quantify the additional needs and costs to the client following injury or illness.

The costs are identified in terms of past, present and future needs. Areas covered include: Care and Assistance, Household Services, Housing and Environment, Aids and Equipment, Case Management and Therapy, Mobility and Transportation, Recreation and Community Activities, Education and Employment.


On instruction, our expert will undertake an assessment, which covers all aspects of their life impacted by the accident or injury. Areas covered are shown in the diagram below and will consider past, present and future needs and costs.

How We Work

Following assessment, the expert will submit their report within agreed timescales and will closely liaise with the referrer.

The expert remains committed to providing their expertise to the Court throughout the duration of the case. This may involve them making amendments, updating their report on receipt of further evidence, or if the client’s circumstances change.

Information for Referrers

We welcome referrals for expert witness services from a variety of sources, both claimant and defendant representatives. We may also act as a single-joint expert.

Experts are aware that their duty is to the Court. They undergo regular training to remain conversant with the Civil Procedure Rules and their role within the litigation context. They remain in current practice in their field of expertise, adhere to our internal clinical governance requirements and maintain their obligations to their professional and regulatory organisations.

All further work, whether amendments, conferences, joint expert meetings or cross examination in Court, are managed in a highly professional manner.

Our experts are highly reputable within their area of clinical practice and will be carefully selected for you based on their areas of expertise.

Expert Witness roles available

If you are a registered health or social care professional with a minimum of eight years’ experience working in a specialist rehabilitation setting and have a deep understanding of supporting clients and their families to return to living in the community following injury or illness, we’d love to hear from you.